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Very Important Announcement with Regards to Dealings with Unaccredited Facilities

In reference to the above mentioned topic, kindly note that any transaction with Total Care Saudi (TCS) from an unaccredited external pharmacy or unaccredited facility (whether owned by you or contracted with your facility) and invoicing it through your contracted and accredited healthcare entity is an act of fraud and a clear violation of CCHI rules and regulations. Such a violation is punishable by Law.

Being partners in the delivery of healthcare services and management and to maintain full compliance with CCHI’s Rules and Regulations, TCS and its client Insurers are, hereby, advising you of the seriousness of this issue and the negative consequences of violating CCHI’s rules and regulations, such as the above mentioned.

Furthermore, we, hereby, declare that TCS and its Client Insurers are NOT in any way responsible for such violations and preserve the right to deny any and all claims falling under such fraudulent acts.

Total Care Saudi is Now Recruiting

Welcome to the online Provider Panel of Total Care Saudi.

Total Care Saudi is now recruiting for various positions including Claims Processors, Providers Delegates, and Roving Doctors.

Interested candidates should Click Here to apply.

Best Regards, Total Care Team